Baby Factory: Baby Sellers Arrested In Niger State, Nigeria, A Nurse Amongst the Suspect

Baby Factories, sounds crazy but its a reality in our society today, first it was in Abia state where young girls are paid to get regnant and the babies are taken off them, they cool off and get pregnant again, this trend is gaining much grounds as a lot of high and mighty people have now conceded to this evil practice of buying babies since they cant make any but have money to buy. As long as there is a buyer, there will be a seller, and the demand seems to be high this days. Where there is no national data system that works and laws are one sided ; we will continue to see this things on the rise. On Friday Sept 14, 2012,

two baby sellers who specialises in selling infants for 100,000 Naira within Niger and Abuja State have been arrested.

The group comprises of a Nurse who works at Kubwa General Hospital in Abuja, Mrs Martina Ohakwe and her partner in Crime, one Kingsley Linus from Imo.

The criminals are experts in luring young pregnant women with their infants from the East with a promise to provide adequate care for their babies.

According to Police reports, they lodged the unsuspecting women in a house where they’re monitored before their babies were sold.

The group had succeeded in selling infants belonging to Oluchi Agachi & one Mrs Ngozi Nwani before their arrest on Friday.

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